Let Your Lips Go Ombre!

A great way to revamp your look is to layer your lipstick for the latest ombre look that is doing the rounds. It gives your lips a fuller look with an irresistible subtle pout as it highlights the centre of your lips. You can have fun with a two toned look that blends to create an attractive and polished look for your lips.

The ombre lip trend is taking the fashion world by storm. It is a look that immediately makes your make up look modern and trendy. The best part of this look is that it is very simple to achieve. All you need is a good quality lip liner, a dark shade of lip colour and a corresponding lighter shade. You could even just use the lip liner and a lipstick, depending on your preference. The most important thing to remember though to perfect the look is to blend the colours together. The shades should complement each other to create a clean two toned look.

The simplest way to get the look is to line your lips and the corners with a darker shade lip liner and to fill the middle with a lighter lip colour or coloured gloss. The ombre look can be worn for both day wear and for the night. You can create a lighter look with nude lip colour and a darker liner for the outline and corners. For a nighttime look go more dramatic with a very dark outline and corners and use a paler colour for the middle.

This is definitely a makeup trend to have fun with as it allows you to use multiple lip colours, glosses and liners to mix and match to create unique looks. You can wear it as subtle as you want or as dramatic as you like for lips that immediately grab attention. Enjoy fuller looking lips without having to undergo any dramatic cosmetic surgery, with different shades to match your different outfits and moods. So go get lip shades and liners that grab your fancy and have fun creating ombre lips that instantly revamp your look.

Revamp your everyday makeup with the easy to achieve Ombre lip look that gives your mouth a subtle and attractive pout while making your lips look fuller.