Is Keeping Your Make Up Brushes Clean an Additional Chore?


There is only one answer to the above – yes. We can’t imagine the innumerable chores on our hands and if not on our hands – on our minds. Yes. We women do have enough “chores” and very little time for our beautiful selves, so what’s the sense in going into detail, wondering whether our makeup brushes are clean or dirty? Aren’t our faces clean enough, with all the things we do to make them clean and beautiful day and night? The fact remains that our makeup brushes do need to be clean and bacteria free if what we long for is beautiful, smooth and blemish free skin.

Some common facts about skin – skin is waterproof due to a fibrous protein called keratin. Have you at any time observed a drop of glistening water on your hand, and watched it slide off smoothly? Skin releases nearly three gallons of sweat a day during hot weather. Skin excretes waste. Every minute or so, your skin sheds 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells from its surface. What about dead skin? There is about a billion tons of dead skin dust in the global atmosphere at any given time. Where does all this settle? Most probably some of it on your face! Add to that dirt, oil, and bacteria— what a combination to gather on your make up brushes and spread over your face!

Most women attribute acne, skin breakouts and cold sores to the chocolates they eat so liberally, some acidic food, allergy to their make-up or lack of sleep. There is no way a woman would think it’s dirt on the face, dirt gathered from the use of an unclean makeup brush. If such a thought crossed our minds while carefully applying our lip liner, we would firmly dismiss it! Not our brushes! But the fact remains that mascara, eye shadow and eye liners can carry conjunctivitis. Lipstick and lip gloss could carry invisible minute food bacteria containing the E.coli virus. Foundation creams could get contaminated by bacteria on the fingertips. Bacteria spreads very fast   through openings in the skin, the mouth and eyes leading to swellings, pimples, tenderness, boils or worse. Herpes on the mouth and pink eyes are not desirable.

Any guy reading this would wonder about our tools. Foundation brushes come in contact with liquid on a daily basis hence they need frequent cleaning. So do eye liner brushes and eye shadow brushes especially after every new color. Eyelash curlers too need careful attention and certainly do powder packs and sponges. There is no second word about lip brushes.

Unfortunately there is no easy way of cleaning your brushes except good old fashioned soap, some mild disinfectant and lots of slightly warm water. More chores – hanging them brush side down to dry all in a row on a hanger, held firmly by clips. Of course there are cosmetic sanitizers that clean your beauty products in a few seconds. Whichever way, there is no cutting out on this chore!!!!