How Do Night Creams Work?

Night CreamsBenefits of night creams are not mere dreams! The simple step of applying a quality night cream on your face before crawling under the covers has surprising benefits. As we get older, our skin loses the power to regenerate and replenish moisture. Night creams help retain youthful skin and get younger looking skin. So, how are they different to Day Creams?

At night our bodies slow down, but our skin carries on doing its job as the protector, and it also does something in addition to that. It starts to repair itself. All you need to do is to give the skin a little boost and it works its magic. Cell repair is something that happens during sleep, and night creams provide the energy, minerals and hydration to do this job better. While day creams are designed to protect skin from external aggressions, night creams are designed to work while the skin is rested and not being exposed to external aggressions.

Night cream formulas are normally richer and tend to have higher concentrations of skincare properties. The anti-wrinkle ingredients in the formulas help skin feel firmer, smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Not just anti-wrinkle action, but night creams are also capable of reducing surface shine, brightening your complexion, hydrating and nourishing skin with moisture.

Revitalift Laser Renew Night CreamL’Oreal uses one of the most advanced skincare ingredients called Pro-xylane in their Revitalift Laser Renew Night Cream (£13.99 – RRP £19.99).

Garnier Miracle Sleeping CreamThis provides anti-wrinkle, hydration and skin renewing actions with proven effectiveness. Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream contains 7 anti-ageing actives that hydrate, regenerate and de-tire, to give you younger looking rested skin (£8.40 – RRP £13.99).

Garnier also incorporates regenerative plant cells for anti-wrinkle and firming actions in its UltraLift Night Cream (£8.35 – RRP £10.20).UltraLift Night Cream

L’Oreal Age Perfect Night CreamIngredients such as collagen, pro-retinol and Elastin are also used in night creams. Your night time skincare routine should also have a place for the eye contour, where ageing is more visible. This is because the skin around the eyes is thinner and more fragile due to less hydrolipidic film and fewer sebaceous glands. If you are a fan of L’Oreal Paris Revitalift line, then the Laser Renew Precision Eye Cream (£13.31 – RRP £19.99) with the cooling applicator can take care of your eye area. And, if you are looking for an anti-ageing night cream designed for mature skin, L’Oreal Age Perfect Night Cream is especially formulated for skin renewal and regeneration at night (£18.99 – RRP £19.99).