Get Perfect Ombre Nails At Home

You can have fun with many different nail shades thanks to the Ombre nail trend. Now there is no need to stick to one colour at a time. Instead you can have a fusion of shades and heaps of fun creating the look. It will take some practice but it is well worth it as the end result, is fun, sleek and definitely beautiful nail-art.

Basically you will need a base coat colour and two or three complimenting shades from light to dark. Of course all the shades have to be darker than the base coat. First make sure that your base coat is evenly and neatly applied. Next you will need a small sponge with a flat side. You can use any sort of sponge as long as you have one flat side with which to work. Take the other shades and draw two or three, depending on the number of colours you hope to use, across the flat end of the sponge. Be sure the leave the tip free. Now gently press the sponge onto your nails so that the impression of the other shades can be seen blended on the nails. You will have to re-apply the shades after a few applications. You can touch up any areas you feel do not have enough colour. Continue with this till all your nails have a graded shade effect. Let your nails dry well and then apply a clear or glitter top coat for a completely glam look. Clean up any excess nail colour (and there will be excess) carefully with cotton swab and remover.

The ombre nail trend is a reason to go out and buy nail shades that work well together for this effect. You can go for orange hues, red hues, blues, pinks or browns. Actually the options are endless and all you have to do is be creative. This look will help you look glam and poised with minimum effort. Start collecting those nail colours today and practice the ombre look so that your manicure will be the envy of others.

Have fun with your nails by getting in on the Ombre nail trend at home which helps your hands look sleek, trendy and attractive and the envy of others