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About Us

Cherishing Beauty the EEC way...

Founded in 1980 East End Cosmetics (EEC) has been a name long identified with beauty. Since its beginning as a leading retailer of beauty products, EEC has come a long way in the business of beauty, now operating an extensive wholesale operation across Europe, Asia and Africa to the Middle East.

EEC's bids to bring high street beauty products to every one's door step and help each find and cherish their own sense of beauty and elegance

EEC's network of beauty

Choose from an extensive range of beauty, cosmetic, perfume and toiletry products from an array of brands offered at a price everyone can afford.

EEC maintains an extensive contact with all the leading cosmetic production houses to bring our beautilicious customers the best and newest of the bargains.

Our beauty outlet in London offers a large selection of cosmetics, perfume and toiletry products and our trained EEC members are ready to help you anytime with your difficult beauty decisions. 


East End Cosmetics Ltd
131 Middlesex Street
E17 JF

Our online store too offers the same range of products at your fingertips with a customer service dedicated to address each of your concerns immediately. Shop at the ease of your home and have your favourite beauty products delivered to your doorstep with free delivery for orders over £ 20 in UK.

EEC lends a hand

Since 1999 EEC in partnership with Serendipity Foundation had been working to make the world more beautiful through education. Through repeated campaigns of fund raising, donations and employee involvement we have been raising minds, hearts and funds to help young children receive a fair chance at education, a testimony to our belief that beauty is not just skin deep.

EEC ethics...

Sustainability of resources and animal rights has been values close to our heart and we only join hands with organisations and beauty houses which respects environment, believe and follow good sustainable practices and avoid animal testing.  

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